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Welcome to UFAL COVIDcloud

UFAL COVIDcloud is Linux based cluster providing aprox. 1000 CPU cores to support researchers working on a solution of the COVID-19 crisis. Most of our computational nodes have 123GB of memory (reserved for jobs) and 31 CPU cores. Available storage space is 10TB.


Cluster availability: April 1 - June 30, 2020 (CLOSED)
Please, make sure that your jobs do not run more than three months, or that you will be able to move them elsewhere after the cluster is returned to internal use.


This project is already closed. COVIDcloud was connected to the FAH project, results can be checked on attached FAH reports:


Unused computational power of our COVIDcloud is used in Folding@Home project, under Technet Team:
Our current contribution can be checked at: